Sneak Peak At Gamestop’s Redesigned Stores

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  1.' Marquis says:

    Low-key interested in seeing how this goes for them

  2. @Mr_iKeepitreal Think this a solid move instead of just being forced away as just a buy and trade in sto…

  3. It doesn’t look bad honestly

  4. Devin Weeks Devin Weeks says:

    @LAxChaos @Mr_iKeepitreal I openly welcome this. As a resident GameStop hater, this seems like a great s…

  5. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    Its a little to late to start caring about the players ain’t it?

  6. Cursed Cursed says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal They were not kidding on the makeover. This seems really nice. I wonder what the rules w…

  7.' Noel says:

    Not impressed they lost customers primarily to bs trade in values lmfaooo point blank period so basically turn gamestop into a arcade and ppl will buy? Not likely to change much but nice remodel lol

  8. Craig Knight Craig Knight says:

    I’m at Bryant Anderson store all the time if they get this lol. Michael Lathan Arlando West

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