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Rules For Article Submissions

  • No plagiarism
  • Submission must be at least 100 words (the form won’t let you submit if it’s less)
  • State your sources if you submit news (link it in the article)
  • No mainstream news (we got that on lock)
  • No opinion pieces except recommendations (not reviews). Example = 5 anime I recommend
  • Don’t worry about thumbnails. We’ll add that if you get approved
  • The Add Media button doesn’t work for you. If you’d like images featured in your article please link them in the bottom of your post with a message saying so
  • Must register/login before submitting.
  • Please don’t register if you don’t intend to submit articles.
  • Remember to edit your profile after registering. Add a profile image & bio so people know you wrote the content you submitted. Use the black bar at the top of the page after logging in to edit your profile.

Not following the rules will get you banned in a heartbeat.

Click here to register if you haven’t already.

Click here to login if you are registered

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