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Published September 18, 2019

Our plug managed to get their hand on some video footage of a Gamestop employee showing off the rumored redesigned Gamestop’s that are coming. It’s been said that Gamestop is shutting down hundreds of their stores and redesigning hundreds more. The objective is to turn Gamestop from just a gaming store into a place where gamers can hang out.

This video is from a store in Oklahoma. It’s been stressed that not all stores will look like this one, but this video does give you an idea of what Gamestop means when they say they’re going to focus more on E-sports and community. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  1.' Marquis

    Low-key interested in seeing how this goes for them

  2. Its a little to late to start caring about the players ain’t it?

  3.' Noel

    Not impressed they lost customers primarily to bs trade in values lmfaooo point blank period so basically turn gamestop into a arcade and ppl will buy? Not likely to change much but nice remodel lol

  4. I’m at Bryant Anderson store all the time if they get this lol. Michael Lathan Arlando West

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