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Published September 18, 2019

It’s rare I can say that I’m looking forward to a mobile game, but these days they’re two on my radar. One is Mario Kart: World Tour and the second is Call of Duty Mobile. The original trailer that dropped was impressive. New details dropped today on what we can expect from Call of Duty Mobile.

According to our plug, you can expect to plat TDM, Search & Destroy, Free For All and Battle Royale at launch. Maps such as Nuketown, Crash and Hijacked will be there too. Mark your calendar’s for October 1st. That is when the game will be playable on iOS and Andriod devices. If you missed the announcement trailer I’ve attached it below.

Almost time for me to dust off the ole mobile Bluetooth controller and cheese my way to a nuke in the mobile version of Call of Duty lol.

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