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The Black Hokage : Founder

The Black Hokage


I’m Youtuber with a passion for gaming that used his humor to rise through the ranks. I don’t consider myself, nor does I want to be viewed as a “professional” journalist. I’m tired of all these “professionals” sugar coating all the b.s. going on in the industry. This outlet was created so that I could express my views on gaming, provide a hub for all things geek & opportunity to those who also share this passion. Often you hear “big youtubers don’t give back to the community in which made them” and I’m here to change that.

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BLVCK : PR/Contributor



I’m a young videographer with an ambition to be the very best, that no one ever was. To record them is my quest to upload them is my cause!

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JG : Game/Music Contributor


Game/Music Contributor

Member of The Gaming Illuminaughty Podcast & striving for change. No bull, no cheesy tactics, just straight up opinions on gaming and Hip-Hop.

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Siggy : PR



Gamer, drinker & YouTube video maker. Oh & I also do PR for the site.

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Ethos : Contributor


A Dark Knight of Gaming. I’ll either inspire you or motivate you.

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Ace : Tech Contributor

Tech Contributor

Graduate of Syracuse university where I played football and ran track. I also have passion for gaming and tech. I’m someone that’s very opinionated and never afraid to speak their mind

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ImKnoMad : Contributor



I’m Knomad! Proud member of Team Noble. I’m too busy to fight crime. I’m too busy to fight communism. I’m too busy to fight lies because I’m too busy playing fighting games … with my kids yelling in the background!


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Anonymuz : Anime Contributor


Anime Contributor

Artist, Creator, and Entertainer I love playing video games reading manga and making music I’ve been doing these things since I was a kid, so it’s a safe bet to say I’m experienced



I’m Flock, your resident hip hop snob and gaming purist. stay along for the ride long enough and you just might learn something


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