Gamestop Has To Close More Stores This Year

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  1. @UTxJGTheDon @Mr_iKeepitreal looking like this

  2. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    Just waiting for those going out of business sales

  3. Stace Kenay Stace Kenay says:

    Philosopher: “Don’t our all your eggs in one basket”

    GameStop: “More fucking eggs!!! Just eggs nothing else!!!”

  4. Let it happen after this Friday please. I already preordered BL3

  5. @UTxJGTheDon Finna try to get a job at GameStop so i can first in line for those going out of business sales

  6. B.B.R B.B.R says:

    @UTxJGTheDon Hope they dont close the one by my house that place has been there since my ps2 days

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