A New Saints Row Is In The Works

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  1. Jug Joe Jug Joe says:

    @Mr_iKeepitreal Hopefully they go back to their roots with Saints Row 1 & 2. 4 was fun but it didn’t fee…

  2. @Mr_iKeepitreal Just let Saints Row die

  3. They can’t make it any crazier…. Right?

  4. Brandon Wade Brandon Wade says:

    Brianna Byakuya Crowder you know I’m a big Saints Row fan 😭❤️

  5. Seth Adams they still ain’t give up 😂

  6. Michael Vice Michael Vice says:

    So, is it just Mass Effect now?

  7. I was a huge fan until they stopped doing the gang shit which is what the franchise was built on

  8. Hopefully they go the route of SR2 with it, had a good balance of fun and story

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