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Published April 4, 2017

Ironfist has come and gone in a Flash-like Wally West. That’s because the show was let down. Feel free to click here and find out why in our full Ironfist review. A mere few weeks after the release of the lackluster adventures of Danny Rand; Netflix is back at it again. This time they’re teasing what everyone has been waiting for since it was first announced; The Defenders!

Netflix and Marvel are trying to make a small screen version of the Avengers with The Defenders. This superhero group will star DareDevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones & Ironfist. If I had to guess, The Hand will be the focal point after the events of season two of DareDevil & season one of Ironfist. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when The Defenders releases August 18th, 2017. For now this short teaser Netflix released on Twitter will have do.

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