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Published October 13, 2019

The event that ends Fortnite’s Season X destroys everything in the game causing a black hole. This event has been teased by Epic as “The End“, Players that were in a lobby were also affected by the event.

One of our Gaming Illuminaughty members, Knomad had the chance to experience this event and record it for you guys to see. A rocket from the map flew into the sky going through the rifts causing chaos and then it happened. The meteor then went into a rift going straight down toward the map causing the black hole. Check out the video below.

    After this event, The players were stuck looking at this black hole wondering what is next. The Fornite channel has been streaming this black hole ever since the event and players can’t even play the game right now so keep an eye on it. The live stream is down below for you guys to check out.


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