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Published March 10, 2017

This was by far one of my favorite Marvel Games of all time, The Punisher  was violence personified. THQ developed this masterpiece and it was released for the Original Xbox back in 2005. To this date, it’s almost impossible to find this game in good condition for less than $30.

Third person single-player game is a combination of stealth, exploration and combat. The different and creative ways to kill people were a thing of beauty and this is the game that 50 cent: Bulletproof tried to be. The ability to perform quick kills, interrogate enemies and use a variety of weapon while talking smack in the process is what makes this game amazing.

The Plot is no different than any other Punisher plot, Frank Castle(Punisher) tracks down the ones who killed his family and proceeds to kill any and everyone in his way.

While many of you may have been introduced to The Punisher by way of the Daredevil Netflix Series and Punisher is soon to have his own series as well but he’s been putting in work for quite a while. If you still have or ever come across an Original Xbox, do yourself a favor and find this game.

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