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Published April 26, 2015

Kai-Kloepfer-Smart-Tech-20Kai Kloepfer may soon be the man responsible for saving the lives of innocent people, whether it be from themselves or from other people. This man has created a piece of technology that could change the relationship between guns and people forever ,completely erasing the anonymity that many hide behind. He also taught himself the skills necessary to build such a device, so let this be an inspiration to those trying to do something life changing themselves.

18kristof-master675What Kai Kloepfer has developed is a bio-metric scanner seated inside the handle of a hand gun. The user must have their hand around the firearm in order to fire the weapon. If anyone besides the registered user of the firearm tries to fire the weapon, the trigger will not unlock. Ever hear the expression “Guns don’t kill people,people kill people” ?. With this system in place, that expression will hold true without any exceptions. This technology forces the gun owner to take full responsibility for their weapon, as they are the only ones who can fire it.

stock-footage-tracking-shot-dusting-for-fingerprintsWhy this piece of technology can be classified¬†as life changing ,can be seen through many of today’s tragedies. Stories of children shooting themselves, their parents or friends have appeared on TV or in news papers quite frequently. With this bio-metric scanner no one, but the adult that owns the weapon can shoot it. There have also been many cases of police using and unnecessary amount of deadly force on black people and other minorities,that result in the excuse ” he went for my gun!” being used. With the bio-metric scanner no one, but the officer can fire their weapon, thus null and voiding any officers argument of self defense against an unarmed civilian.

This gun may not be suited for warfare do to the many conditions combat in a war-zone presents, but that doesn’t mean it can’t protect us in our homes and in the streets we walk through in our everyday lives.


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