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Published July 19, 2019

Fans are getting ready o get their hands on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order which comes out tomorrow only on the Nintendo Switch. Today at San Diego Comic-Con Marvel already revealed some post-launch content that will be starting August 30th!

This FREE update coming August 30th will include the characters Colossus and Cyclops to be able to join your alliance. They also revealed more costumes for characters will be coming at a later date. Loki was revealed to be a playable character and the roster will have 36 characters to play as when the game launches tomorrow.

The expansion pass will be $19.99 and has already been revealed what are the first characters that will be coming with the first pack called Marvel Knights. The Marvel Knights will include Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher, and Morbius. The other packs will have X-Men and Fantastic Four characters! There is no specific release date for all of these DLC packs right now, But it is looking like they will support this game long term.

Check out the launch trailer below for Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order releasing tomorrow only on Nintendo Switch.

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