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Published March 18, 2019

Another day another Goku gets added into Dragon Ball FighterZ  this time around its Kid Goku (GT) coming as DLC for the Season 2 Fighter Pass.News broke via twitter that scans were leaked revealing Goku’s latest moveset.

This version of Goku has a moveset mixed with techniques from the early days of Dragon Ball  like the reverse kamehameha and carrying his power pole while also having moves from Dragon Ball GT like the Super Spirit Bomb being one of his level 3 ultimate attacks. It says there will be a second ultimate attack that will be revealed in a later scan and fans are guessing that its the transformation to Super Saiyan 4.

With Kid Goku being leaked, We now know 5 of the 6 fighters that are in the new FighterZ pass including Gogeta Blue, Broly (DBS), Jiren, and Videl. No release date has been announced yet but we should expect him and another character this spring. Does this Kid Goku pick surprise you and who do you think the last fighter be? Let us know down  below.

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