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Published June 13, 2020

The PC Gaming Show was today where they announce a lot of games coming to PC and one of them was Torchlight 3. They showed off a Torchlight 3 trailer and announced that it is available to purchase right now on steam for $29.99.

The Torchlight series has always been a fun action dungeon crawler with cool abilities and classes. Torchlight 3 looks to do more what it does best and that is exactly what a dev talks about in the PC Gaming Show video showing off the gameplay. The trailer shows off Torchlight 3 unique classes that you can use like the class that summons trains to attack their enemies or a steam-powered robot.

The combat for the game still looks fun causing chaos with a new twist that will let players customize their own fort. This Fort will have the ability to help you craft and build but other players will also have the chance to use your fort to see what you have. Check out the Torchlight 3 trailer below and if you want the game it is available right now on Steam for $29.99.

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