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Published June 13, 2020

Yesterday was the big reveal of the PlayStation 5 and the games coming out on the system. The upcoming games they showed were a pretty decent lineup besides GTA V coming back on the new system.

PlayStation showed us the design of the new system while it was vertically standing up and accessories that will be available to the system like a headset, HD Camera, remote, and a charging station. They also revealed a second version of the console that not have a disc drive meaning you can only get your games digitally. The color scheme of the PS5 is just like the controller they revealed already which is mostly white and black with the power lights blue. People noticed they didn’t give us a price for the console which got them thinking that it might be a high price.

It was already rumored that the PlayStation 5 might be around $800 and after seeing the accessories, People are worried because that is too much if the rumors are true. Having already two different versions of the console can help with pricing because the digital-only PS5 should be cheaper since it will be missing a feature. People have to hope that PlayStation will have a fair price on it especially that a lot of people lost their jobs due to the Covid-19. We hope to find out more about PlayStation 5 soon because it will launch this holiday.

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