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Published June 14, 2020

A game that looks interesting and tries to do something slightly different is Godfall. Today we got some PC gameplay of Godfall which helps us understand more of what the game combat will be like.

The devs did say the graphics and performance we see in the trailer will be improved by the time it gets released because people did notice the frames were dropping. It is explained that Godfall will be a looter slasher where you are a god-like warrior who will find gear and weapons going through the world. The world is made up of 4 realms that are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

The combat is very stylish and looks to reward players who will master the combat mechanics as they find better loot. The trailer shows how the game focuses on melee combat and how players will need to learn how to be better even if they have the best loot.

Check out the Godfall trailer below which releases later this year on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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