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Published August 20, 2019

Ever since Bandai Namco announced a One Punch Man game, I wondered how they were going to balance this out. Saitama is literally a superhero cheat code, as no one can harm him, and he destroys everything in his path with “one punch”. From the latest trailer announced at Gamescom, we finally get a little bit of insight as to how the story will be at least.

With whatever character you’re playing at the time, you will be facing a formidable adversary (this trailer showed Deep Sea King against Genos and Mumen Rider. Your goal is to survive until Saitama arrives (shown by an indicator of him running and the time remaining). You can shorten his arrival time by doing combos and executing perfect guards. When Saitama does finally arrive, the battle is won as he just obliterates Deep Sea King with one punch.

The trailer also showed team battles with the standard 3 v 3 action. They also showed some other OPM characters like Silverfang and Terrible Tornado. I’m still on the fence on how this game will work, but I’m a huge One Punch Man fan, so maybe I’ll at least try it out. There’s still no date on when One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows will release, but it will be on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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    1. I gotta say this is definitely a new twist for the fighting game genre. I thought this was going to be a Fist of the Northstar endless wave adventure type game but I do like the ideal of defend yourself as long as you can until help arrives. And the time counter add or minus puts a cool stress factor on the match too.

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