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Published September 11, 2019

I don’t wish bad on any company, especially the ones who were once on top. Gamestop was the one video game store chain that was everywhere and focused on mainly video games. In 2019 the company has tried different tactics to try and get people to still shop at their stores. From offering full refunds within a week of buying the game, to giving extra discounts towards a new console, nothing has seemed to help as 200 stores will be closed due to a lack of sales according to our source.

On top of this news, Gamestop’s chief financial officer says that more store closures are on the way. The company has tried to get into the digital game as well, but people would rather shop at other more reliable places like Amazon for their games. People are just not buying physical copies of games anymore, and with services like Google Stadia coming where we don’t even need to download the game, I sense Gamestop will go out of business sooner than anyone initially predicted.


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  1. Just waiting for those going out of business sales

  2. Philosopher: “Don’t our all your eggs in one basket”

    GameStop: “More fucking eggs!!! Just eggs nothing else!!!”

  3. Let it happen after this Friday please. I already preordered BL3

  4. @UTxJGTheDon Finna try to get a job at GameStop so i can first in line for those going out of business sales

  5. @UTxJGTheDon Hope they dont close the one by my house that place has been there since my ps2 days

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