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Published July 19, 2014

Remember the days when you paid $60 for a game and you got the whole game without paying a penny more? Well those days are gone. Gamers now have to face a harsh reality: For a lot of big releases, the $60 gamers pay for a new game will only get them so much. In actuality, to get the full experience of a game, you might have to pay anywhere from $25 to $50 extra. This is just not right, in any way, no matter what Ubisoft thinks. I know downloadable content (DLC), will never go away, but maybe it can be improved upon. Here are some ways developers can make DLC more appealing to gamers:

  • Eliminate day one DLC. Furthermore, do not even speak of DLC before the game is released. Currently, developers love to talk about the great DLC for their upcoming release before the game hits shelves. Now, I’m okay with pre-order DLC bonuses — that’s a whole other topic. But when developers are talking about how you can get a season pass, and the game has not been released yet, there’s a problem.
  • Season passes need to go. They are blasphemous. When developers announce season passes, they are basically saying that there are hours worth of content that was specifically left off of the disc just so they could coax unknowing buyers out of an extra $30. Look at Titanfall. It’s a multiplayer only game. What does the season pass get you? More maps and guns. Ya know, things that should be included because it is a multiplayer only game.
  • This next one is kind of Call of Duty specific. Map packs need to go way down in price. Consumers should not have to pay $50-$60 dollars extra for new maps and weapons that are better than the original maps and weapons.Map packs should be about $5 a piece. The maps included also shouldn’t be significantly better than the maps on the disc (I’m looking at you, Ghosts).
  • Stop the influx of pay-to-win game modes and microtransactions. I love the NBA 2K games and I really wish I could play the MyTeam mode, but unless I pay a crapload of real currency for VC, there is just no way to build a team capable of winning anything, especially if you devote a lot of VC to other game modes, like MyCareer. The same can be said about EA games and their Ultimate Team Modes. Microtransactions like these are absolutely terrible. I hate going into a game, seeing a cool skin for a character, and then realizing it’s two or three bucks. Why can’t appearance packs and skins just be free? Developers would earn a lot of brownie points with gamers if they gave us a solid every now and then.
  • Lastly, just make the content more affordable, please. Gaming is already an expensive hobby and DLC just adds insult to injury. What’s worse is while the prices of actual games go down, the DLC prices do not. I bought the Mass Effect trilogy just over a year ago for about $55 dollars. By the time I finish another play through in the next month or so, I will have spent almost as much ($52), on DLC as I will have on all three games. And that’s not even buying all of it! DLC needs to go down in price as the price of the game itself goes down.

In the end, I doubt anything listed above will ever happen. The reality is that developers make so much money off of DLC as it stands today, that they have no incentive to change anything about it, no matter how much gamers detest the current system. So, what are your suggests to developers on how they can make DLC more appealing? Sound off in the comment section.

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