How to Make DLC More Appealing

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  1. herbc1317@gmail.com' slayer0713 says:

    ┬áThe pay to win concept is usually an optional feature. It allows players to take shortcuts to unlocking stuff. Aslong as its optional and can still unlock it all by playing, i see no problem. And wouldn’t you rather they tell us about DLC right up front rather then keeping it a secret allowing them to pretend behind a wall of secret? Atleast they are telling us. Clearly its not stopping anyone from buying or pre ordering.

    1. zackyles@gmail.com' Zachary Smith says:

      First the problem with pay-to-win concept is the crucial gap between those that dominate because of it and the many that want to go through the game to get better. Plus you are not helping the gaming community combat corporate America. Second, DLC should only add-ons to the original. Not chopped off of the original and sold separately. Again you would be feeding the monster. Third, season passes are only good for games that have completed their projects and wanted to show you love with some extra content. Exp: Mass effect, Dragon ball Xenoverse and many more.

    2. zackyles@gmail.com' Zachary Smith says:

      Last, I dont want to here about DLC before the game comes out. That would definitely make me feel that you could have put more into the game instead of making it dlc. Prime example is destiny which is not worth the money at all. DLC should be a surprise to the game, not tell me about the greatness that awaits to goat me into paying overly priced stuff.

  2. herbc1317@gmail.com' slayer0713 says:

    Also, the issue with Season passes is a none issue. Aslong as you know exactly what your getting with that season pass. The season pass was put into place to actually save you money if you’re someone who will buy all the DLC. No one is forcing you to buy a season pass day one or even before the game is released. Thats the gamers stupidity if you ask me. Play through the game first atleast. Give it some gametime then decide on the season pass if you wish. If you know you absolutely love a game and will buy the DLC, then the season pass is for you. Its a good idea actually. Don’t buy a season pass before you even play the game then complain later you don’t like the game and the season pass was a waste of money. I scratch my head in confusion over that and people do it all the time.

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