Why Naruto is Overrated

  • Teriria

    Slow clap. You my friend have ousted yourself as not liking Naruto. The fact that you haven’t been torn apart is astonishing.

    • austin95

      You should have seen the comment section for this piece on the old website… lol

  • Muctaru Bah

    I agree with you on some parts especially Plot Armor. Naruto was never truly a story about Ninjas, they are just super powered warriors, Naruto literally has only killed one person in the whole series and that’s Kakuzu
    As the characters matured, the series tried to become darker but ultimately failed and went back to “talking things out can save a person.”
    Example: Obito or Nagato or Sasuke (despite his random psychotic moments)

    • Zero00Heroes

      Actually kakashi finished off kakazu before narutos attack did sorry just pointing out that the main character of a series never really dealt with any of the hardship other characters did and while I’m not a fan of sasuke his story and decent into darkness would have been better if he wasnt redemeed because it showed how fucked up the shinobi world was.

  • Cian

    Boring story mostly the motivation thing

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  • Brian

    Well on a technicality Kakashi stated anyone can learn the Rasengan lmao, it’s literally another Chidori but we won’t pick on Saskue. Another fault is the Rasenshurkin, yeah 4th Hokage was said not to be able to master it but he also didn’t live for very long either. A lot of Naruto character comparisons to Hokage’s were very pathetic if you think about it because the 3rd and 4th Hokage really didn’t show anything great so it’s horrible at the end of the series to nitpick at them. Okay then we move on to protagonist dead parents, well if he didn’t have a tailed beast in side of him “Nine Tailed Fox Demon” responsible for causing significant damage to village he wouldn’t have been hated or lonely. His dead parent’s is hardly what caused most of his misery because they gave him the maiden name of the wife instead of taking the husband. Hence why they referred to it as fourth Hokage’s legacy, NO ONE EVEN KNEW HE WAS RELATED except for Kakashi’s generation, you can find that if you watch more closely but that is too boring to do right? Pain arc another fault, he was essentially lost and didn’t have anymore options, the only reason he escaped that is because of the nine tails which is a different character and not even Naruto himself. It isn’t even considered a good guy until the war arc either had pain died at that point it would’ve been considered (Nine tails killing pain not Naruto as many times they state it’s 2 different things when Naruto kills someone and the Nine tails does it) “Fucking Naruto part” is the only part of this blog I would consider very bias only because you sound like you didn’t pay attention and made more assumptions based on what you wanted to see and hear oppose to what is actually written.

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