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Published September 18, 2019

This year has been full of new streaming service announcements. Everyone from Disney to BET are vying for your hard-earned dollars every month (and making me wonder why I should get rid of cable). The selling point for all of these new services who are looking to take down Hulu and Netflix are going to be exclusive shows that you can’t get anywhere else. Disney has an entire original Marvel and Star Wars lineup, but what do the other services have besides old sitcoms?

HBO turned to Aaron McGruder who through John Witherspoon on the Joe Rogan Podcast announced that Boondocks was coming back. Now we have full confirmation that the iconic show will be appearing for two more seasons on HBO Max according to our source. There will be two new “re-imagined” seasons with 24 episodes. All 55 episodes will be available on the streaming platform in Fall 2020.

At first, I wasn’t interested in the service at all, but by next year I may have to get HBO Max just to watch the new seasons. Does this news also convince you to get the service when it launches?

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  1. Everybody wants a streaming service now.

  2. Are they bringing back the cast? I’m feeling indifferent about the word “reimagined”. 🤔 Thanks for the heads up

  3. With it being on HBO they not gonna care about how brash it’s gonna be so that’s dope

  4. @UTxJGTheDon Does that include both creators?

  5. @UTxJGTheDon If this is reboot I wonder how they’ll use characters like stinkmeaner, I doubt what ever t…

  6. @GamingEthos @UTxJGTheDon I’ve been binging this lately

  7. @UTxJGTheDon I really hope it’s not water’d down , I need that same energy that they had before like I remember 😂😂😂

  8. @GamingEthos @UTxJGTheDon …I don’t think we need it but hopefully its not some more season 4 foolishness

  9. They better not fuck it up like what they been doing with all these recent trash reboots I’ll be so pissed

  10.' Sir Walt

    Man I can’t wait. One of my favorite series. RIP John Witherspoon.

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