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Published December 3, 2018

Iron Fist 2 was much better than the first. Dare I say I was interested in seeing where it went for season 3? Would have also loved to see a Heroes For Hire as a combination season 3 of Iron Fist & Luke Cage. Sadly that’s not happening because those shows were canceled. Then top dog DareDevil fell too. Now only Jessica Jones & The Punisher are left standing.

This left many online (including myself) speculating that this was all apart of Disney’s master plan to take our money. The theory was that they’d be picking up the show’s production and make them exclusive to their upcoming streaming service Disney+. Sadly it would seem that’s not the case. The licensingĀ fees were just too high for Netflix. Disney doesn’t seem to be interested in continuing these series at all.

Rolling Stone’s Alan Sepinwall has some insight on the situation. According to him the real reason the shows won’t return is that there’s a disconnect between the MCU and the Marvel TV universe. He went on a small rant on Twitter. Not sure where he’s getting this info, so take it all with a grain of salt.


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