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Published April 19, 2015

With all of the other Star Wars news that has been released, and in between the other huge film trailers, you may have forgotten that there is a Star Wars film in development outside of the planned ‘sequel trilogy’. Star Wars: Rogue One is set to release on December 16, 2016 and will be directed by Gareth Edwards and will star Felicity Jones.

The film will be set between Star Wars Episode II and IV in a galaxy without Jedi. It will follow “a band of resistance fighters [who] unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans.” Jones will play a Rebel soldier.

Here is some concept art, courtesy of


Edwards said that the film will have more realism than previous Star Wars films. He said “It comes down to a group who don’t have magical powers, who somehow have to bring hope to the galaxy.” The film will be set in the same time frame as Star Wars Rebels.

Below is the teaser that was shown at the Celebration panel. I’ll also include IGN‘s description of it just in case the video gets removed.

Here is a description of the teaser, from IGN:

“The footage we saw opens with December 2016 against a black background. We hear Obi-Wan’s monologue about Jedi Knights being the “guardians of peace” from A New Hope, and then see a bird’s eye view of a jungle planet.

A TIE fighter zooms overhead and the camera pushes forward to reveal the Death Star looming large in the daytime sky, right up close to the planet. Frantic mens’ voices crack over a radio as the title card reveals Star Wars: Rogue One with the word “Anthology” in small letters beneath.”

Star Wars: Rogue One, and other spinoff films, like the one Josh Trank will be directing, will fall under the heading of “Anthology films.” Any Star Wars film outside of the main episodic series will include the “Anthology” banner.

So, in the past week alone, we’ve had a new Star Wars trailer, new Battlefront details a trailer, details about Rogue One, a new Ant-Man trailer, a Batman v Superman teaser trailer, and a new Fantastic Four trailer all drop. What are you most excited about? Drop a comment below!


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