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Published July 2, 2019

Shortly after it was reported that Shenmue 3 would be an¬†Epic Store exclusive¬†for PC players, the Steam fanboys were up in arms (for a good reason this time). If you weren’t aware, Shenmue 3 was a Kickstarter game that got funded in less than 48 hours. The original plan was to release the game on Steam and include rewards for those who invested their money into the game. A lot has changed since then, including the switch from Steam to Epic and multiple delays which led PC players demanding a refund.

According to our source, originally Deep Silver (the publishing team that took on the game years after the Kickstarter) and Ys Net (developer) weren’t going to honor any refunds on the game, which made gamers even madder. Today Ys Net released an official statement backtracking on their original stance and stating they will indeed take refunds and provide alternatives if you are not satisfied with not getting a Steam key day one.

If you want a PC Physical copy, you can get an Epic Games Store key to go along with it. If you don’t want an Epic key, you can still opt to get a Steam key a year after its release. If you don’t want to deal with any PC confusion, you can also switch your platform to PS4 for a physical disc or digital code.

The only problems that still exist are if your contribution on the Kickstarter refers to in-game content that has already been reached on the stretch goal. Those unfortunately cannot be refunded. Overall the switch from Steam to Epic Games Store with Shenmue 3 has been more complicated than it needed to be, but hopefully this doesn’t hurt the game when it drops on November 19th.

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  1. They cant keep backtracking and not honoring basic business practices. You say its on steam…then switch to Epic store? And wont offer refunds?

    Thats fucked up

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