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Published May 15, 2019

    A new shooter is gearing up to hit the market. It’s a 3v3 arena shooter from Final Strike Games that promises to have cross-platform support between PC and Xbox One. The twist here is the combat plays like Smash Bros. It’s all about momentum and knocking opponents out of the arena. Reminds me of SkyNoon. Curious to see what they do differently.

    “Rocket Arena’s matches take place as part of the Rocket Championship Tour on the mysterious World of Crater, where just about everything is made from or powered by rockets. We’ve worked tirelessly to perfect the mechanics of the game, including Rocket Jumping, Blasting, and a Return System to create, ‘The shooter where no one dies’.

    Our input tuning, projectile networking, and hit detection are balanced with feedback from our internal test team, made up of pro players and the professional Korean eSports team Element Mystic. The result is an accessible 3v3 shooter that can scale up to be a highly competitive FPS.”


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    1. I literally just saw tbe beta trailer for this, looks like a fun game with friends

    2. I read the article, so it’s not coming to ps4 and that hurts my heart

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