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Published October 22, 2019

Last week a lot of the Gi crew was on vacation for JG’s wedding and we weren’t tapped into the matrix. We prefer to live in the moment. This means Gi is playing catch up on all the latest news in gaming. One of the biggest stories that couldn’t be ignored is what’s coming out of the Riot camp. League is their bread and butter, but it looks like they’re finally ready to take some risks.

While we were away they revealed three new games they’re working on. A fighting game, a card game, and a tactical FPS. This was on the 10th anniversary of League Of Legends. Let’s talk about the fighter. It’s a fighting game based around the LOL champs. Currently, it has no name, but we do know it’s code name is Project L. This game is also being developed by the same people who made Rising Thunder a few years back. Sadly Riot says you shouldn’t expect anything soon on this game.

The second game you should be watching for from Riot is code-named Project A. This one piqued my interest the most. It’s a first-person shooter that looks like a mix of Counter-Strike and OverWatch. The gameplay they shared looked like early alpha footage, but you could already see they’re shooting for what looks like a mix of tight gunplay and ability driven combat. Riot claims they’re going to solve the long-standing issues with shooters such as lag and cheating according to our plug. They want to push the boundaries on gaming. Just don’t expect this one to be set in the LOL universe.

As far as the card game goes know it’s called  Legends Of Runeterra. It looks like Hearthstone and Magic at first glance, but Riot claims to be taking a different approach. They’ll be focusing on simpler experience that anyone can hop to. No microtransactions either. If I had to take an educated guess I’d say this game will be easy to pick, but hard to master. There’s as much depth as you want it to have. I can’t wait to hear more on these games. It’s about time Riot took a risk!

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