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Published October 22, 2019

Today was the release of patch 7 for NBA 2K20. Yes, that’s right folks! A game that released late September is already on its 7th patch and the worse part is their not even close to being done. The game is so broken right now I wouldn’t be shocked if they continue to patch it 9 months into the game’s life cycle. It’s almost like this wasn’t ready for release.

But wait there’s more! Technically there are 8 patches now because of NBA 2K20’s demo. The game is COMPLETELY different than it was at launch and the developers know it; so they’ve patched the demo. The update allows users to play 5 games of the Raptors vs The Warriors. This update also makes the game more user-friendly by offering what they’re calling a “pick & play experience”. It features a simpler control scheme to help ease new players in.

This once again proves the 2K developer’s priorities are all the way messed. They’re so focused on appeasing casual players they’re pissing off the hardcore audience which are the ones who keep the game alive in the first place. When with a million more patches on the way it makes me wonder if they’ll continue to update the demo?


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  1. This is the issue with sport game releases, they developers are so focused on online micro transaction implementations they don’t allocate anytime to fix the key parts of the game like server quality and game play. I buy FIFA annually as well as NBA 2K and FIFA career mode was so broken this year for the first month it was unplayable. It’s extra frustrating as well because I’m in my early 20s now and both my time and money are crucial resources that I can’t spend all on video games anymore due to school and work.

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