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Published November 21, 2018

If you love music, chances are you have a nice pair of headphones. The most popular brands (Beats, Sony, Bose) have the market on lock and have been around for a while now. The only problem with the most popular brands is the price you have to pay for a pair of headphones with a premium sound. A new company called Mu6 Headphones are looking to provide a better overall audio experience at a cheaper price.

Currently, the Mu6 headphones have an Indiegogo campaign which has already surpassed their initial goal of $20k. The company is in a prototype stage and plans on letting the media get their hands on the headphones before the end of the year. The Mu6 headphones have the following features:

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
  • Hearing Optimization
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Smart Touch & Talk
  • Auto Pause & Play

    I’m not the biggest audiophile, so there’s no need for me going over the full details on how the headphones stack up compared to the likes of the Bose QC35 II. You can check those out at your own leisure. The reason why I’m impressed with these headphones stems from the secondary features: Smart Touch & Talk and Auto Pause & Play. You don’t realize how many times you may have someone having to talk to you while you’re in the middle of listening to music. The fact that you can cuff your left earcup in order to turn the music down is dope as hell. Also, the fact that the headphones automatically pause when you take the headphones off is amazing as well.

    Currently, the team is going for a price of $249 USD, but if you were a part of the early bird program, you could get you a pair for $149 USD. Again, the headphones are currently in the prototype stage, so there are other features that the team is listening to including actually having a headphone jack and a folding design. The team at GI will be reviewing the headphones when we get our hands on them for a more thorough review. Check out the Indiegogo here for the full spectrum.



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