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Published November 21, 2018

Bandai Namco blessed my timeline with a few screenshots of their upcoming fighter/brawler Jump Force.  There seems to be a deep level of customization. I’m talking moves all the way too colors of individual body parts. And if they follow SoulCalibur’s CaC then Jump Force will be A-OK might even be better!  Ok that might be a stretch.

Looking at the screenshots it seems that you will be able to mix and match moves from other characters. For example imagine having Goku’s Spirit Bomb with Naruto’s 9 tail beast bomb.  Now the question is will it be like Xenoverse where you have to go out and do missions hoping for a drop or will they be readily available.  Either way it sounds like a grand ole time ahead.




Digital pre-orders for Jump Force’s various editions are now available which reveal that nine new fighters will be coming in the title’s Character Pass after it launches in February 2019. Man If none of the My Hero characters don’t make it in on launch I hope they make the DLC at least. That will sell the Season Pass fo sho.

Jump Force is Set to drop February 15, 2019


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