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Published May 23, 2014

The Mass Effect trilogy includes some of the best games from the previous console generation. Thankfully for fans, the series will live on as Bioware is currently developing the next iteration of the Mass Effect franchise. I’d like to offer up my thoughts on what I’d like to see in the new game.

  • First off, I’d like the game to be set in the future, preferably a very long time after the events of Mass Effect 3. I don’t know if there would be a way to incorporate your save files from the previous trilogy into the new game, but if they could do that, it would be awesome. If not, then a canon ending (maybe an ending that’s different from the game’s endings?) would probably have to be created. Either way, I don’t want a prequel. If those tweets from a few weeks ago are true, and the game is titled Mass Effect: Contact, then I hope it’s a game about contact with a new species, or maybe even people from a different galaxy. I just don’t want the First Contact War.
  • Next, I would like more character customization. Let me choose to be an asari, turian, krogan, maybe even a drell! I don’t want to be a human again. The Mass Effect universe has so many great species I think it would be interesting to play as any of them. If players could choose their race than there could be race specific side missions; i.e. becoming an Asari Justicar, being a drell and taking on assassination contracts for the hanar, being in the salarian Special Tasks Groups, etc.
  • Along with character customization, more RPG elements should be included. As the series progressed, the RPG elements of the game waned and the games felt less and less like an RPG. I want to customize my companions, armor, weapons and more. Speaking of weapons…
  • Something that I wish was in the single player campaign were melee weapons. The biotic slash, omni-blades, and krogan hammers are all awesome, yet they only appear in the multiplayer of the third game. Imagine being a biotic, charging your way at enemies, blowing up your shields (nova), and then finishing off any remaining enemies with a newly created “biotic blade” (think of a lightsaber). Or being an engineer and rushing into battle with omni-blades. How come the bastard Kai Leng gets a sword, but Shepard can’t?
  • I also want multiplayer to return. ME3’s multiplayer was a lot of fun, but it got repetitive quickly. New modes would be nice. What I would really like would be for the multiplayer and single player to not be tied together. That was rather annoying in ME3.

Well, that’s all I got for now. If you agreed/disagreed with me, I’d love to know. Also, feel free to share your own wishlist down in the comment section below!

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