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Published June 3, 2014

With rumor that an Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel or a new Mortal Kombat game will be announced in the near future, it got me thinking what I would like to be included in an Injustice 2. The first game was done exceptionally well, but there are a few ways it can be improved upon.

  • I would definitely like to see more characters. The first Injustice had a nice roster, but for a game based off of comic book characters, it was devoid of variety. Out of the 24 characters (not counting DLC characters), six are characters from the Batman comics and three of the Superman comics. The DLC adds some variety, but still tosses in Batgirl and Zod. I want some characters from other Comic series as well. Let’s see some more Teen Titans like Beast Boy and Starfire and some more villains that aren’t from the Batman or Superman comics. I also think it would be cool to add in a Watchmen character or two. And let’s add some diversity: get Static Shock in the game and make John Stewart the actual Green Lantern instead of just a skin.
  • Speaking of characters, some of the DLC characters should have already been in the game, notably Martian Manhunter and Zatanna. And when the time comes to release DLC characters, don’t make them so expensive. Five dollars for a new character is just too expensive. I got the game for $20 and to get all the DLC characters, I would have to about double my investment.
  • Include more skins in the game. I mean, how many different costumes has, say, Batman worn throughout his run as a comic book character? All of the characters on the roster have had various costumes and this should be reflected in the game.
  • On the topic of skins, keep the unlocking system from the first game. The Hall of Justice was great and I really enjoyed going in there to unlock new skins, concept art, and even music to listen to.
  • The gameplay was fantastic in the first Injustice and shouldn’t be altered too much for the sequel. I enjoyed the way the health bars worked, the 2D plane, and the interactive environments. I do think it would be cool to have different animations for your ultimate attacks. When you play the game for hours straight, it can get boring after a while, watching the same ultimate attacks play out. Also, I think the whole wager system should get taken out as I don’t really feel like it had a purpose and felt cheap sometimes.
  • Probably my only major complaint with Injustice: Gods Among Us is that there are no team fights (even though there is in the mobile game). Who wouldn’t want to put their favorite three or so Justice League members together and face a team of their fiercest villains? Adding in team battles also opens up the possibility of team specific ultimate attacks, which would just be too cool. If they don’t add in team fights, then at least let us bring characters in the fight to act as a support.
  • Lastly, Injustice 2 should have another great story. I don’t know if it would be set after the first game, or in a different universe, but either way, the story should (and most likely will) be great.

And that’s all I got. Let me know what you want in the sequel and what characters you want to see.

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