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Published January 22, 2020

Rumors have been flying around the net about Nintendo cooking up a “Switch Pro”. Originally it was rumored that it would sport a beefier CPU/GPU that would improve performance in games as well as 4K visuals. It would seem that might not be the case. The latest rumor to hit the net is contradicting the original reports. Now reports claim that the Switch Pro will sport new custom specs, but you shouldn’t expect a major boost in performance or 4K visuals.

Also, production on these new specs hasn’t begun either. Our snitch claims you shouldn’t expect to see a Switch Pro anytime soon. If this thing is real it would most likely drop the end of 2020. The person leaking this info has been correct about previous Nintendo rumors, but I can’t stress enough that these are just rumors. Being correct once doesn’t mean they’ll always be correct. So take this all with a grain of salt.

Let’s pretend this is true for a moment. What’s the point? Why call it a Switch Pro with new specs, but it does nothing new? I’m really hoping this news isn’t true. I prefer the original rumor about 4K support.

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