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Published August 13, 2014

Gaming has become a very expensive hobby. Whether it’s spending $400 to $500 on a new console, over a grand on upgrading your PC, or 60 bucks on new games, every gamer spends a small fortune on their entertainment. Very few gamers can afford multiple consoles or several new games a time. Here are some ways of knowing if you’re a Struggle Gamer:

  • You’re still playing on a last gen console with a slim chance of upgrading in the near future. Your only hope is if Sony or Microsoft offers their console bundled with their online service and a relatively new or brand new game.
  • The Steam Sales are still too expensive. Ditto for Humble Bundles.
  • You have to wait until Black Friday to get all the Triple A titles you want that get released during the fall. Even if they’re $40 they may still prove too much.
  • You pretty much only buy used games. That extra five bucks you save is crucial. A buy 2 get 1 free used games sale is the highlight of your day (if you can afford it).
  • GameStop is your crutch. Want to buy a brand new $60 game? You are forced to trade in half your game collection to cover a third of the price. You might trade in a game so old they can only afford to give you a quarter for it (true story).


  • You might have to wait a few years for a game’s price to drop so you can pick it up.
  • Sometimes the only way for you to get new games is on your Birthday or for Christmas.
  • Because you can barley afford games, the games you do buy are sure things – games you know you’ll love – leaving you little room to try new games.
  • You get excited when a five year old game is given away for free through Games with Gold/Playstation Plus.
  • You spend too much time watching people play games on YouTube/Twitch/Hitbox because you can’t afford the games they’re playing.

It sucks being a Struggle Gamer.

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