Are Graphics Really THAT Important?

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  1. camadou1994@gmail.com' ProEra 47 says:

    in my opinion graphics is not all but it’s definately a huge factor. when i check out games the first thing i do is see how it looks and then how the game feels,mechanics,etc

  2. rubencruz209@gmail.com' Ruben Cruz says:

    Personally, as someone who games on both console and pc, I only ever purchase new consoles since they eventually stop supporting the last generation of consoles and start only releasing new games and content on the next/current gen…. I always get a little confused as to why no one addresses this point. Better graphics are nice and I do prefer nicer graphics if at all possible, but it’s.not entirely neccessary. Honestly, I second the whole ending of this pointless back and forth and enjoying our games!

  3. kazamo609@gmail.com' No Black Person Is Ugly says:

    that shit on the right looks HORRIBLE

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