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Published January 15, 2020

Yesterday the creators behind Anthem took to Twitter to publish a tweet that’s got the internet in a stir. Why? Because it reads “#MassRelays” and it’s complemented by a video breaking down the history of Mass Effect. Sadly that history was only a few text lines long. After that, it’s just a minute of Mass Effect music playing and a screenshot of the Mass Effect cover.

Many major publications have speculated that Bioware is hinting at a potential remaster collection of the original Mass Effect trilogy. I’m not sure why though? There’s no actual proof. So I’d slide in the DMS of my EA connect and asked him what’s that trailer all about and he said nothing, but we all know they stay lying about their games. Sadly there’s no real proof of a remaster coming, so we’ll have to take my informant’s word as the truth.

Let’s pretend a remaster was confirmed for a second though. If it were real I’d advise Bioware to take their time with this one. Do it like Capcom’s Resident Evil remakes. Don’t just improve the visuals, but update the gameplay to modern standards. The story still stands, but some of Mass Effects mechanics haven’t aged well. They feel clunky. Update the original trilogy’s visuals and gameplay something akin to Andromeda’s. Andromeda’s story sucked, but I stand by the fact the gameplay was fun and the visuals were great (excluding facial animations). Just my two cents.

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  1. @damisa_sarki @Mr_iKeepitreal They been sharing and teasing bs for months.. 😕

  2. When I see Bioware I think “how can they fuck it up this time?”

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