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Published January 15, 2020

Reddit called Epic Games Store Chinese spyware when it first dropped, but the numbers don’t lie. The platform continues to grow and I put that on multiple things. It runs well (I haven’t had any issues), the UI is constantly being improved, exclusives, sales, and free games. Epic isn’t finished challenging Steam’s throne as the top dog in the PC gaming space. The recently revealed they’ll continue to bless PC gamers libraries with free games for all of 2020. According to our informant, an Epic Games rep said:

“New decade means new games and we’re looking at a great start with tons of amazing titles coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store in 2020,” Epic said. “To kick things off, we’re extending our weekly free game program throughout 2020. Every single week, come back to claim your game. Once claimed, it’s yours to keep forever.”

Friendly reminder that Sundered Eldritch Edition is free on Epic Games Store at this very moment. Horace will be free from January 16th to the 23rd. You’re welcome!

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