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Published November 15, 2018

Remember when a lot of people (especially physical athletes) thought that eSports was a joke and wouldn’t get popular or respected? Well, no one can say that now as eSports is a million dollar business and it’s almost impossible not to take notice. This year alone we’ve seen athletes like Stephen Curry invest in TSM and music artist Drake invest in 100Thieves, but very lowkey there are other athletes and celebrities starting their own eSports organizations.

Antwan Odom is a retired NFL defensive end who made his start on the Tenessee Titans in 2004 and later played for the Bengals in 2008 as a free agent. After leaving the sports world alone, he has been tweeting about his passion for gaming (mainly Call of Duty Black Ops 4). Yesterday he announced he started an eSports organization called OutBreak eSports and is currently looking to start from the ground up. You can currently apply for streaming, management, and COD/Fortnite teams. If you feel you have what it takes to make this eSports team legit, go for it! I wish OutBreak ESports the best and will be looking forward to seeing them thrive once the organization has been fully staffed.

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