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Published January 13, 2020

Not sure how many people are playing GTA IV On PC (At least without mods), but the Rockstar title suddenly vanished off of Steam recently. So what was the reason? Blame Microsoft for their ‘Games for Windows Live’  service being shut down in 2014. According to Rockstar, they no longer have the ability to generate game keys, therefore they can no longer sell the game on the Steam platform.

We know that Rockstar launched its own launcher late last year, so most likely it’s going there. We don’t know if they will be able to bring the game back on Steam, so stay tuned. If you still have the game installed on Steam, you can still play the game with no problem.

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  1.' #SB

    @UTxJGTheDon Game was straight fire

  2. @UTxJGTheDon Ngl this prolly the most underrated game of all time people dnt know how great this game truly was#

  3. crazy part is you can always cop a key and redeem it in the store, alot of older games are like that

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