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Published April 9, 2019

The beauty of PC gaming is the options. You can utilize whatever keyboard/Mouse or controller you like. Not to mention the cheaper games, better graphics, higher framerates, and free online play. But allow us to focus on the options portion of PC gaming. Microsoft just dropped a new feature for Windows 10 that would make it easier to record and share gaming content.

Microsoft’s update to their game bar overlay added the ability for users to record/share gameplay, cross-platform chat (between PC & Xbox) and new volume controls. This is awesome because these days I game on PC, but I still have friends and family who refuse to try something new. Having the option to chat with them via my PC without having to turn on my Xbox is dope.

It also provides more hope for more cross-play in gaming. Now can this update be as reliable as Nvidia’s Shadowplay? That waits to be seen. I’ve been using Shadowplay for years, but I’m not against trying something new. Plus I like the idea of having to run one less program. That means more my system is dedicated to game performance. No idea when the stable release will drop, but we’ll keep our eye out for it. Feel free to try the beta at your own risk.


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