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Published April 19, 2019

Every time I look around, there is a bigger celebrity/influencer getting into the eSports realm. Today we received news that Will Smith, one of the biggest celebrities in the world is dropping a whopping $46 million into the eSports organization Gen.G.

Gen.G is a global eSports organization with major teams for League of Legends, PubG, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and Clash Royale. They also have the Overwatch League team Seoul Dynasty. Will Smith is one of the contributors along with Japanese soccer player Keisuke Honda, Dennis Wong, Michael Zeisser, and David Rogier amongst others. Chris Bosh is also a player management advisor, and he along with Will Smith will be supporting Gen.G with their creative models.

Believe it or not, eSports isn’t big in Japan yet, but Gen.G is seeing growth. Will Smith along with the other big investors see the scene blowing up and Gen.G becoming a leader in the industry. I haven’t heard of this organization before personally, but if Will Smith and Chris Bosh back it, I may need to pay close attention.

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