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Published May 2, 2019

The video game industry has been growing for some time now, In 2018 the industry was worth than $130 billion and it is not slowing down. By the year 2025, The industry is projected to be worth more than $300 billion and this is all from this source

This should be no surprise that the gaming industry is growing at a fast rate if you pay attention to what is going on. We always see big celebrities investing in Esports teams or just jumping on the Twitch wave. One of the biggest reasons why the gaming industry is always making so much is because of mobile games. Think about all the microtransactions mobile games be getting, It can gather more money than the whole game. Tech is always improving and this causes new and better ways to make awesome games.

Mobile gaming has brought in so much revenue for the gaming industry this past year, That it was almost half of the total revenue. PC gaming just brought in 25% and all of this includes browser games, physicals, and downloaded games. Gaming will always evolve and change over the years so there is almost no ceiling where it can be stopped. What are some of your thoughts about the growth of the gaming industry is getting?

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