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Published May 31, 2020

Sony is up to bat this week with their PS5 press conference reveal, but what’s the news for people who don’t consider themselves Sony Ponies?  You get excited about the latest Xbox Series X news. Just don’t get your hopes for games. Instead, know that XSX will run older games better than the original hardware. According to our plug, Microsoft dropped a blog where they said

“Not only should gamers be able to play all of these games from the past, but they should play better than ever before,” Jason Ronald, who’s helping lead development on Xbox Series X, wrote in a post over on Xbox Wire. To that end, he outlined the ways older games from Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will play on the next-gen hardware, aided in large part by the fact that they will run natively, making full use of the new CPU, GPU, and SSD.”

Here are some things you can expect

  • Games will see “significant reductions in in-game load times.” When asked how significant, Microsoft directed Kotaku to a tech demo showing State of Decay 2 loading on Xbox Series X.
  • They’ll support an “innovative HDR reconstruction technique” that adds HDR to older games that didn’t originally have it.
  • Older games will also support Xbox Series X’s new quick resume feature, which lets players swap between up to “at least” three games at a time.

My only question is will these games get a bump in resolution? Taking an old game and adding HDR with no resolution bump sounds like it could look weird. But then again we’ll wait to judge when they have examples.


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