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Published April 6, 2020

Deep Silver and Volition have been at work to cash in on the remaster wave. Enter Saints Row 3 which was the craziest, most over the top game out of the series. The original came out in 2011, and the remaster is on its way on May 22nd, 2020.

In this version, you will obviously have updated graphics, including textures, environments, character models, and visual effects. You will also get all of the DLC that came with the original for $39.99. You will also get all of the original audio and visual content which includes the R-rated jokes and gags.

Is this a game that you’ve been waiting for? Check out the official trailer below. The game will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

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    1. @UTxJGTheDon 1 and 2 would’ve been nice but you take what you can get

    2. @UTxJGTheDon 2 is the one i missed out on. 3 was cool, but everyone says 2 is the better one cause it was still about gang shit.

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