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Published May 17, 2019

E3 2019 is looking to be a shell of its former self as we received more news of companies that will not have a booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year. Along with companies like Sony and EA not having booths, Activision has joined the list of video game giants. They will still be there for private meetings, but as far as spending big bucks on a booth just to show (most likely another COD?), it’s not worth it. Also keep in mind that Bungie broke off from Activision, so that again eliminates another IP they could show.

EA will still hold their EA Play event before E3 2019 officially starts, but they won’t have a press conference in conjunction this year. It’s just not looking good for the once highly revered video game convention and trade show. But hey there’s always Epic Games and Fortnite to look forward to right?

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  1. Why go to E3 when dumbasses keep buying your games regardless?

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