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Published January 9, 2020

Bandai Namco anime games usually suck and they will continue to as long as people continue to support them as they have no competition. Crunchyroll recently began developing anime games, but they’re mobile titles. I’m hoping they find enough success in the mobile market to warrant an investment in Console/PC gaming. The latest title CrunchyRoll published is called Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle.

Psychic Battle is a turn-based RPG that allows players to explore various areas from season one and two of the show. Each character in the game has unique fighting abilities and passives that will allow you to build the team of your dreams. There’s also PvE and Pvp content here. The game dropped today for free on IOS and Andriod devices. I left the launch trailer for you below.

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    1. Vincent Edwards haven’t seen the show but I thought you would be interested

    2. Woow!! Nice article, thanks for sharing

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