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Published March 23, 2017

It’s time to build up the Destiny 2 HYPE!! Leaked poster showing off guardians with Destiny 2 in the background has hit the internet.  The image was leaked oversea’s from an Italian retailer.

On the poster we also see that there could possibly be a beta for Destiny 2 as well as  a September release, but this could also mean that information about Destiny 2 will be coming out that day as well. Although Bungie said that Destiny 2 will be out this year doesn’t mean it will make it out this year.

Snitches also telling me that Destiny 2 will be on the PC this time around.  Granted while Destiny on PC would be nice I hope they will keep up with the support. PC players are known to hack a game or two, Data mine a game or two you get where I’m going with this.


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