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Published April 9, 2019

Epic Games is doing their best to keep people hooked on the Fortnite high and they’re doing, even more, to get people to try their new Epic Games store. One way they’re attracting people to the platform is through a free product. Each month they give away a free game and a new one is up for grabs.

I’m guessing their strategy is lure you in with free samples in hopes you spend some money. The current game they’re giving away is The Witness. The Witness is free to download from now until April 18th. The game currently retails for $40, so if you love puzzle games and free stuff that’s a steal. The Witness currently sits at a 9/10 on Steam, so I’m sure someone out there will appreciate it. It just won’t be me.

Synopsis: “You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles that will challenge and surprise you.”

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