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Published May 30, 2019

I have been hearing good things about Dr. Stone from people who read the manga. Now that the trailer is dropped for its upcoming anime, I can say I’m definitely going to be checking out Dr. Stone when it drops.

The trailer shows us that a mysterious event happened that turned everyone on earth to stone and now it is a couple of thousands of years after the event. The main character Senku wants to rebuild mankind with his science alongside his friend, Taiju Oki. There are other characters that pop up in this new world that they call Stone World. The anime for Dr. Stone is set to drop July this year, Which is just in time for the summer season of anime. Dr. Stone will be a summer simulcast title on Crunchyroll where you can watch it there this summer!

Check out the trailer below for Dr. Stone coming out this July!

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    1. Cant believe we’re getting a Dr. Stone Anime before. Sun-ken Rock one

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