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Published March 15, 2020

While everyone was sleeping last night Donald Glover gave us a big surprise by dropping an album!

This album is not on streaming platforms at least not right now, The way he released it was through his website called Donald Glover PresentsYou will have to listen all the way through since you can’t see the tracks but you will notice some other artists like 21 Savage, Ariana Granda, and Sza on the project. Fans will also notice Feels Like Summer is on here that he released back in 2018 and also the track Warlords which he debuted at 2019 Coachella. It is a 12 track project that is only on the website which is called Donald Glover Presents so go ahead and enjoy the rest of your day to some new music!

Click this link to listen to Donald Glover Presents!


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  1. I probably wouldn’t have gotten this update anywhere else. Nice job, guys.

  2. @LAxChaos I think he’s also letting us title the album ourselves

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