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Published October 10, 2015

A fan of the site (@RonnRetrobro) hit me up today on twitter to share with me news of the most unbelievable DLC package you will ever see in your life. Lego Dimensions released September 27th at the cost of $100 dollars. This game allows you to play similar to that of skylanders. There are small toys that come with the game that will enhance your gaming experience.  If only it ended there.  While you can beat the game with the 3 characters provided in the $100 starter pack, there is tons of content locked behind a paywall unless you buy the “expansion packs”.  20 extra “expansion” packs ranging from $15-$30 is currently available for purchase. That’s not even mentioning an additional 17 expansion packs that are planned to be released in the coming months.

Now these poor parents are being milked of their cash to keep their children happy. So for those of you who need a final count if you want to play the full Day 1 LEGO Dimensions game, you will need to pay $464.79 for the full experience. On top of that if you plan on buying everything for the entire life cycle of this game, it will leave you $789.62 in the hole…and we’re not even talking taxes.

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